Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Its Award Time!

Thanks Simran for passing this award to me.

The rules of the award are :
  1. Accept, and post them on your blog with the link to the person who gave it to u.
  2. Pass it to other blogger friends to keep the ball rolling.
  3. Let the nominated person know about his/her award.
I am passing these awards to these  wonderful  bloggers whose blogs I regularly read and admire.

Suzana  @  Quilling with fun
Neha @      My dreams have wings
Smita @      Little food junction
Sonya @    appel quilling
Bhavana @ An indian summer
Preeti @      Just a mother of two
Parul @      Rhythom of words
Rashmi @   Man ka pakhi

Please ignore if yours is a award-free blog.  

Keep blogging!!


Bhavna said...

I got an award! Yippeh!

Thank you Sarika :)

Tummy Delites said...
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Smita Srivastava said...

Thanks for the award. Pleasure to go thru ur lovely creations too . :) :)

Сузана Илић said...

Thank you for the award! I became a follower, keep in touch!

Neha Gupta Khorwal said...

yayay thank u soo much u made my day!!